Wow Time

"I will give you life of ease, certainty, feeling of safety.
What i want in return? Exiguity.
A little of  your freedom."

 Dancing/acrobatics grotesque full of fire and pyrotechnic effects.

 Sarcastic allegory of possible near future.
The growing control system promises greater safety.

In hands of humankind, it becomes a time bomb,
It´s starter is completely random and unexpected visitor.

 The dominant of this future scenography is unique 4,5 m high spherical construction Geodesic dom.
Extraordinary project, which combines motion theater and new circus
with effects of modern show.

 WOW TIME! offers the view of society, for this society as a result of the disaster becomes motivation the desire to achieve the feleling of safety.

Humans are therefore giving up their rights and aceeding to the new system of rules and control mechanism.

 There is eventually to much of them, that it is not in human power to follow every rule - the privacy is lost, spontaneity, the joy of life. Everything is predetermined. This unbearable pressure is uncompromisingly heading for a revolution. However, rebellion is
suppressed and society is falling into utter emptiness and lethargy.

 In tense expectation, balances at the break point.
Is there anything what could cause a reversal?
Who are we willing to sacrifice for a feeling of security?

Director: Irina Andreeva
Producer: Michael Bartizal
Special effects: Petr Burian
Costumes: Anna Forstová

Cast: Matěj Kohout, Michaela Hradecká, Irina Andreeva, Michael Bartizal, Dan Fajmon, Viktor Artner, Jiří Badal

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