The Nautilus

Co-production project of Blackout Paradox and Teatr Novogo Fronta companies.


A multi-genre performance, freely inspired by Jules Verne's novels. The scene is made up of a geodesic dome of 7 meters in diameter.


The self-supporting construction of the geodome allows performers to use a wide range of theatrical and artistic disciplines. 


Acrobatics, light show, shadow play, big puppets, dance with fire and pyrotechnic effects will take the spectator into the clouds and below the surface of the sea.


An adventurous grotesque, full of fantastic creatures and bizarre characters, tells the story of Professor Pierre Aronnax, who, on his way to researching strange phenomena and searching for an underwater monster, gets aboard the amazing submarine Nautilus, where he meets charismatic Captain Nemo.

Concept and Directing: Štefan Capko

Choreography: Irina Andreeva

Starring: Irina Andreeva, Viktor Artner, Jiri Badal, Michael Bartizal, Štefan Capko, Bára Bartoňová, Jaroslav Dolejsi, Michaela Hradecka, Matej Kohout

Lighting Design: Irina Andreeva

About Teatr Novogo Fronta:


Theatre company Teatr Novogo Fronta was established in 1993, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

After the European tour in 1994, Teatr Novogo Fronta settled in Prague, Czech Republic.


Their creativity and stage presence is impressive both in its scale and variety, ranging from street theatre and improvised sets to exacting and directed plays on classical theatre stages. 

The main force is the action, improvisation, and tension amplified by the ridiculousness of human tragedy.

Performances stand on the frontier between mysticism and abstraction, circus art and modern dance.